“Go and see the people”

Our members count 1300 after five months.

It normally takes 5 years to establish a profitable business and although SFP is not a business in the true sense it surely is submissive to business principles and requisites.

I once heard the story of a very successful insurance agent,  an ordinary man with no particular enhancing attributes, who retired after forty years of  service to the insurance industry.

On his farewell  party he was called to the microphone to address the guests on the secrets of his very successful career in insurance policy marketing. He took the microphone and said: “ Go and see the people”. Only five words from this humble man to explain his success.

Yes people has to know to participate in the campaign and 5 months is a very short period to “ go and see the people”

Lets look at the positive side of things. We established a good concept which functions well.

We met wonderful people and will surely meet many more in years to come.

The embroidery world is huge and we need time to reach the people.

I am very glad  to be back for the conclusion of our first Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, SFP..

 Some day when I have nothing else to write  I will bore you with the reason for my 2 months absence on the blog.

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